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Tue, 08/27/2019 - 17:42
I have addressed this question before, but here is a perspective from the Chattanooga show. We were working on armor and the particular category had three very nice pieces. The problem was which was going to be 1st place. The favorite was a very nicely detailed model and we were about to go with it until I noticed this beautiful work was flawed by a very basic item....the builder had not drilled out the M2 machine gun barrel. A truly trivial element, but it was inconsistent with rest of the work. A massive amount of work and such a simple thing overlooked. It got a 2nd, so it wasn't thrown out as some assert. We were a team of four, three regular judges and a trainee. The category was 1/35th armor so you expect a certain level of basic work. All three of the top models were very, very good. None of the models were thrown out for trivial details, each was looked at very carefully, but at some point we had to start splitting hairs. So, yes, we were very picky, but no more than we needed to find a top winner. Dak

Special Hobby 1/72 Blackburn Roc

Tue, 08/27/2019 - 09:08
This is a typical Special Hobby mixed media kit. Mostly injection plastic parts with some for inexplicable reasons in cast resin and a small PE fret. the instructions are vague at best. Some confusion arises as this is based on their Skua kit and there are some parts not used and others that are substituted for other parts. It goes together pretty well and has a detailed cockpit, but the canopy is molded in one piece so it is pretty invisible. One problem, however, was that the quad mg's mount was wider than the slots in the turret, but when you cut it down to fit the turret, it's too narrow to span the turtleback fairing behind the turret. That's why the guns are up in the air on mine. In reality the a/c was a complete failure, even as a target tow. It did, however, have one confirmed kill while escorted by several Skuas, a Ju-88 in Norway. Speaking of Skuas, that last picture is with an old Frog Skua for comparison.

Online voting

Sun, 08/25/2019 - 10:49
I've tried multiple times to vote online. Constant "invalid user name or password". Well, it was valid enough to log into the forum. And last time I tried, the capitcha thing would never end. How many traffic lights and buses need be identified before you're "IN". I tried.

How to cut open panels on an aircraft model

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 14:20
I made a video (with the assistance of my talented son) of a tutorial on how to cut open panels on model aircraft. You can do this if you plan on opening panels on a model to detail the interior of an aircraft panel. I made this while opening the wing panels on my P-47D build to show the ammunition bays in the wing. Check out the video in the Tips and Tricks section. https://davidsscalemodels.com/tips-and-tricks/cutting-open-panels-on-aircraft-models/

Greetings from Cincinnati

Thu, 08/22/2019 - 21:31
Greetings from the "Queen City of the West", Cincinnati, OH. I build any thing that appeals to me in any scale, any material. At the moment I am assembling a U Gears Mono Wheel. It is made from laser cut plywood and goes together without glue. It will be rubber band powered when finished. I have an estimated 1800 plastic models in my "stash". I have been buying since 1973 with very little selling. One of these days I will get all of the boxes into one place and sorted. Well, that is my plan for the coming year.


Thu, 08/22/2019 - 17:30
When Out-Of-The-Box was started in the late 1970s, there were a lot of kits that needed work to be competitive, so it made sense to have way for those who just wanted to do a nice looking model without having to super detail a kit, to compete. However, it is now 40 years on and the quality of kits has dramatically changed. So, I have to think we are perhaps past the point where OOB serves a true purpose. I now hear people talking about picking a well detailed kit for the OOB category and I never see anyone doing old Aurora kits OOB. Perhaps it would be better to dump OOB categories and change those to categories like a true vignette category. Dak

A Long Shot - IPMS USA 2006 National Convention Decals

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 20:14
Hey everyone, my daughter loved the B2 Stealth bomber at the Air force Museum and got me one for my birthday. It’s a 1987 Revell model so you can imagine the state of the decals. I saw on Scalemates that the Nationals had a set of B-2 decals. Would love to use them if anyone has a set and would part with them. Let me know

Help! I Need A Canopy!

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 15:45
Hi all, In the process of repainting and remarking a metal 1/48th B-24J, I discovered that a critical part is missing as the result of a burglary. The cockpit canopy. I'm assuming the canopy from a Monogram 1/48th B-24J would fit, so... If anyone has a scrapped Monogram B-24J that still has an intact canopy, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Don't need the rest of the model, just the canopy. Willing to pay a reasonable price. Richard

Atlantis Allison turbo prop engine Revell repop

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 23:04
Atlantis models is releasing shortly, the old 1980’s kit of the Allison turbo prop engine in September. Unfortunately the kit will not come with the motorizing accessories included with the original. I am hoping that someone out there may have an idea of where to obtain these componants without having to purchase the entire old kit off the internet. I’m mainly interested in the gears and their support structure within the reduction casing. I’ve spoken with a representative at Atlantis and they evidently don’t have the molds or aren’t interested in producing the extra parts. I have the instructions for the motorization and would be glad to share them with anyone who would be interested and would provide an email address. The animation of,this model was what really fascinated me the first time i built it and don’t understand why it was eliminated from successive issues.

Swordfish MK III ASW

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 11:06
This is a combination of the new Airfix kit with the Eduard PE interior set (SS432), the Pavla Mk III ASW conversion kit (U72-134), the S.B.S. Swordfish rigging wire set (72050)and using the eduard Swordfish mask set (CX316). There are many reviews of the new Swordfish, so I won't go into that. The PE interior set consists mainly of assorted control panels, seatbelts. and machine gun detail parts. The all fit fine and "busy up" the interior nicely. The ASW conversion consist of the radar equipment, a new place for its operator, a radio, larger oil cooler, new side panel to cover where the forward mg was, the flame dampener for the exhaust, th "hump" for the radar scanner and the antennae for the wings. These parts are all nicely done in resin with the exception of the new cover for the radar compartment, which is vacu-formed (you get two in case you screw one up) and the antennae, which are PE. The mask set gives you masks for the windscreen, inside and out, and wheels. Finally, the rigging set gives you a full set of PE bracing wires all made to fit perfectly. You do not get, however, the flying wires for the elevator nor the antennae, which I thought was odd. It makes for a fiddly little model in this scale with all these parts and cutting things out and shaving things off and putting replacement things back on, but the result is as you see it. I wanted to do one with the rocket racks underneath, but the racks in both the old Airix and Matchbox kits are primitive and there are none in the new release. So, I made new ones from scratch. The rockets came from the spares box. The markings are spurious as there are no Mk III markings in the Airfix kits and the ones I had left over from the Matchbox kit had gone south long ago.

National Convention 2020 Updates and Communication

Sun, 08/18/2019 - 14:25
Greetings all, As I mentioned at the awards ceremony at Chattanooga last weekend I will be maintaining several communication methods in the coming months leading up to next year's convention: 29 July - 1 Aug at the Embassy Suites and Conference Center in San Marcos, TX. First, if you would like e-mail updates directly from me I will be sending these out as important information becomes available and confirmed (hotels, registration, etc). Many of you signed up on our e-mail distro list we had at the 2020 table in the main hallway of the Chattanooga Convention Center. For those of you who were not there, or missed the opportunity to give us your e-mail, please send me an e-mail at "director.nats2020@gmail.com" with the subject "E-mail Distro Add" and I will add you to my distro list. I will also be posting updates to two social media sites: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IPMSUSA-National-Convention-2020-451660115577640 Twitter: @2020Nats All information pertaining to next summers convention (i.e., website) will be located here: http://www.nats2020.com. As information becomes available and confirmed I will add it to the site. And finally, I will be posting major announcements here on the forum as well as checking it (almost) every day for any questions about next year's convention. Best Regards, Len Pilhofer

In need of a judges feedback for OOB rules

Sun, 08/18/2019 - 00:02
I really need some clarification on IPMS's Out Of The Box rules. A: For my first question, you can see there is OK bolt detail on this frame, the problem is, there is a lot of filling and sanding that will need to be done in this area to correct the frame and what little bit of detail there is will be lost. What I am asking; can those bolt heads be sanded off, and after all the filling and sanding is done, be replaced with new bolt heads using plastic hex rod? B: This question is similar to my first, except this time, the bolts are just a lump with no hex detail. Can those be sanded off and be replaced with new bolt heads using plastic hex rod?

The Notable Aircraft of George E. Laven, Jr

Sat, 08/17/2019 - 23:17
Members 2,217 627 posts Gender:Male Location:Marietta, Georgia USA Interests:1/72 US military aircraft and small scale r/c aircraft. Report post #1 Posted 10 minutes ago I am not really certain where to post this, as it is more of a collection than anything else, and all of the models have been seen before. It is however my desire than all the information gathered and posted about these aircraft should be in one place that all modelers who wish to duplicate any of these models, may find the necessary info and some pictures or mentioned references, and in some cases, original artwork that can be downloaded. I sort of stumbled across George Laven while researching builds of various colorful aircraft. I soon realized that this one guy was responsible for an awful lot of them, and wondered, "who WAS this guy"? There's not a lot out there, but I'll give a brief bit of what I've found. First, "Stars and Bars -- A Tribute To The American Fighter Ace 1920 - 1973", by Frank Olynyk, ISBN I-898697-17-5, copyright Grub Street London, 1995 states " George Laven joined the Army Reserves and served as a Flying Cadet beginning Dec 30, 1940....was commissioned a 2nd Lt. and rated a pilot Aug 15, 1941 at Luke Field, AZ... was promoted to 1st Lt. June17, 1942 and sent to the Aleutians, Alaska, assigned to the 55th FG, 54th FS.... (and more). Where he is first found in a P-38E, named "Itsy-Bitsy": Build Thread Here This aircraft has at least two known pictures, one on the flight line in Alaska, and one at the San Antonio, Tx airfield, where he flew the aircraft from Alaska for repairs, and a brief holiday. Interestingly, "Stars and Bars" (above) states that he had earlier flown this same aircraft on what they quote as the longest over-water attack mission to that date, 8 hrs 45 mins, or 600 miles from Umnak to Kiska, where he claimed his first kill, sharing a Kawanishi 97 flying boat, which was on the water -- later dis-allowed. Then he appears again, still in the Aleutians, flying his second P-38E, also named "Itsy-Bitsy": Build Thread Here While the blue color seems highly suspect, much discussion and analysis of Life Magazine photos of this aircraft (including color-correcting the photos) failed to yield any explanation. So, it is painted, as it appears. Next, Laven was promoted from Captain (Oct 8, 1942) to Major (July 19, 1944), and sent to HQ 49th FG in the Phillipines on March 3, 1945, where he flew a Lockheed P-38L-5-LO, "Itsy-Bitsy II". It should be noted that the girl he married had this for a nick name, while his familial nickname was "Butz". Anyway, his P-38L, names "Itsy-Bitsy II": Build Thread Here In this aircraft, he shot down the last kill of his unit, an Emily, on April 26, 1945, which would be his last. Nominally his 5th kill, but since the first would later be dis-allowed, turned out to be his fourth kill. Laven was promoted to Lt Col on Sept 7, 1945, and when next we see him, he is in Maine, flying a Republic F-84B, named "Itsy-Bitsy III": Build Thread Here He is next seen flying two or three F-84E aircraft, and on Aug 1, 1951, he was promoted to full Colonel. The most colorful of his three F-84E's is shown here: Finished Pics Here Next we find Laven in maybe the most colorful USAF aircraft ever, a North American F-100C: Build Thread Here This model is a heavily modified Trumpeter F-100C kit, and it was a boat-load of work! Later, he also had a Lockheed F-104C painted to order here: Finished Pics Here It should be noted that the Brass was very unhappy about this paint job, and was eventually ordered "de-tuned", so Laven can be seen in F-104's with at least three sets of markings. It should also be noted that his aircraft at the time were kept "squeaky clean" and highly polished, as he was known to attend an airshow or two... Next Laven was chosen to receive for the Air Force it's first Phantom, dubbed the "F-110A", which was in fact a standard Navy-type F-4B, which the Air Force flew around on public relations tours, until their own real version, the F-4C could be delivered. Here is the F-110A: Build Thread Here And we come to (chronologically) the last major aircraft type tied to Laven. As commander of Clark Field in the Philippines, he flew a flight to Vietnam, where at the last minute, and not planned to include him originally, he was placed in charge of the the first F-100 mission into Laos, to bomb a North Vietnamese ground-to-air missile defense site, which mission turned into such a snafu -- NOT LAVEN's FAULT -- that in the time honored military way, Laven got the blame and was axed from his job! Anyway, only one known photo of the takeoff on that last mission of his is currently known to exist, and this is my interpretation of the F-100D flown by Laven that day: Build Thread Here Again, another Trumpeter kit, with many mods! Anyway, Laven stayed on with the Air Force, finally retiring in June 1969. He was later hired by McDonnel Aircraft, and McDonnel-Dougles, as their representative to the Israeli Air Force. He died Feb 16, 1995 in San Antonio, TX. Oh, and one last thing -- he was known for fast cars (wrecked his DeLorean at high speed) and strange cars: Well, I am not claiming that George E. Laven Jr was the best airman, or the best pilot, or anything like that. But I am claiming that he may be the most flamboyant American flyer; not a Chuck Yeager, but my hero nevertheless, and we should all be thankful for his 30 years of service defending freedom -- as well as all the others sort of like him, fighting the unsung fight. Ed Ellickson

Casting Clear Resin Canopies

Sat, 08/17/2019 - 16:04
Hello, I won't repeat it all here, but here's a link Casting Canopies that I experimented with, a few months ago, which may be of interest to some. I'll reply to any questions here, however. Top are the original parts, bottom row are the resin copies. If you check it out, be sure to read all the way to the bottom, as the first product attempt was not successful! Ed

2019 IPMS National Posters & Stickers still Available!

Sat, 08/17/2019 - 14:06
Hope everyone had a great time at the 2019 Nooga Nats. If you missed the 2019 IPMS Nooga Nats Posters, they are still available for $20 (see attached image) FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental US Poster is 18in x 24in - suitable for a standard frame (frame not included) Send Paypal payments along with your address to the artist, Michael Mattheiss - msmattheiss@gmail.com Checks are also accepted - email msmattheiss@gmail.com for address For addresses outside the Continental US - email msmattheiss@gmail.com for shipping costs before ordering. “Mikey” stickers are also Available! (see attached image) Minimum order for stickers only is 3 for $12 - they are $4 each after FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the Continental US Individual stickers can be purchased at $5 each with purchase of poster. 1941 Mikey Beetle Mikey Towing Mikey D-Day Mikey Time Travel Mikey Apollo Mikey thanks Michael

Wanted : Heller 72nd scale Arc-En-Ciel

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:33
If anyone has this old Heller kit I'd be interested in buying or trading for it. I have many OOP car and aircraft kits if anyone is interested. C. Davis IPMS/USA #3687

Detailing for F-35B, B-1B, Yak-130, Su-34, Su-35, F/A-18F, MiG-25

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 12:15
Selling the last released (August 2019) detailing sets of Metallic Details: - Exterior detailing set for aircraft model F-35B (Kitty Hawk, 1/48) - $49.30 Set contains 3 resin and photoetched parts (58*140 and 112*140 mm) for exterior detailing. - Interior detailing set for aircraft model F-35B (Kitty Hawk, 1/48) - $13.45 Set contains photoetched parts (140*44 mm) for interior detailing. - Detailing set for aircraft model Yak-130 (Zvezda, Kitty Hawk, 1/48) - $29.15 Set contains resin and photoetched parts (68*46 mm) for detailing of aircraft model. - Detailing set for landing gears of Su-34 (Kitty Hawk, Hobby Boss, 1/48) - $17.95 Set contains 2 resin and photoetched parts (141*57 mm) for detailing of landing gears for aircraft model. - Detailing set for landing gears of Su-35 (Kitty Hawk, Great Wall Hobby, 1/48) - $15.00 Set contains photoetched parts (140*47 mm) for detailing of landing gears for aircraft model. - Nose landing gear door for aircraft model F/A-18F (Hasegawa, Revell, 1/48; 1/72) for Hasegawa kit in scale 1/48 - $4.15 for Revell kit in scale 1/48 - $4.15 for kit in scale 1/72 - $3.40 Sets contain photoetched parts for detailing of nose landing gear door. - Detailing sets for aircraft model B-1B Lancer (1/72) Nose cone - $3.40 Jet nozzles - $39.20 Sets contain resin parts for detailing of nose cone and jet nozzles. - Detailing sets for aircraft model MiG-25 (1/72) Air intakes - $15.70 Wheel bays - $10.10 Exterior - $6.75 Interior - $4.05 Seat belts - $1.15 Sets contain photoetched parts for detailing of air intakes, wheel bays, exterior, interior and seat belts.

Blood Rage's Fenrir

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 17:16
This miniature was used to break my dry spell. It is Fenrir from the game Blood Rage. Looking up a Timber Wolf, he was painted with more or less the same colors. Being a Norse game, I added some dead grass and of course snow. This snow was the first time I used the snow from Precision Ice and Snow. Two thumbs up from for for that stuff!! He painted up easily so there's no WIP pics. Thanks for looking.

Confessions of a contest judge...

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 16:37
If you are putting your airplane on a mirror base, make sure the underside is as flawless as the top. With 3112 entries, the judges will bump stuff that has inconsistent seams and such. Dak

Confessions of a contest judge...

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 16:34
I was one of the judges at Chattanooga. With 3112 entries, it required some serious work to pick the top entries. For dioramas, don't try to put EVERYTHING into a scene. Less is better. Consider how the main subject got into position; tanks, airplanes, and artillery are not weightless and need to be moved. Remember, gravity is a heartless master, this on a ramp or slope roll down hill. Dak